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To become a pre-eminent provider of enterprise mobility solutions to organizations globally by providing them with  technology which protects their organization from the risks (cyber, reputational and economic) associated with their employees use of mobile devices without compromising their employees user experience.

EnergyElephant's vision is to help people make better energy decisions by helping them understand their energy data. From homes up to mega multinationals.
Without data, you're just another person with an opinion!
Making a decision on investing in renewable energy or energy efficiency technology is really hard. Made harder by the fact our energy bills have become a indecipherable complex of numbers and acronyms. The rollout of smart meters in the near future will only compound the problem as meter readings go from 3 to over 35,000 per year.
We solve this problem by allowing anyone on the planet simply upload their energy bills to our platform to discover savings and insights into their sustainability impacts.
Save money while saving the planet... it really is a no brainer!

Glissed is the world’s biggest online platform for freelance beauty professionals. We allow freelance hair stylists and makeup artists to manage and grow their business and give customers the ability to book beauty appointments to their home, hotel or office outside of salon hours. Our vision is to take the freelance beauty industry online. We recognise the opportunity in supporting the supply side of this market and giving them an online presence rather than focusing just on the demand side of the market. Our number one competitor is the black market-we are taking an existing market that is currently operating almost exclusively offline, and we’re taking it online. We are allowing the supply side to formalise their offering and expand their businesses, and satisfying the existing demand on the customer side.

Our vision at SwiftComply is to simplify environmental compliance for more sustainable communities.
Having built a team of passionate environmentalists and technologists - SwiftComply is setting out to provide food service business owners with a simple way to manage their environmental requirements. We help restaurant managers and chefs spend time doing what they do best - producing great food and memorable moments - all while protecting the environment.
Regulation is resource-intensive, paper-based and frustrating for both cities and food businesses. $100 billion spent on compliance each year. We are making it simple for restaurants to meet their environmental and regulatory requirements without compromising standards. We do this by creating a marketplace for environmental services that gives full transparency to the city providing an effective indicator to predict compliance.
SwiftComply started this journey down the drain with Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) regulation - where two of our senior management team have spent years protecting Dublin's waterways through their work with Irish Water and Dublin City Council. However, SwiftComply's ambitions lie beyond FOG and Dublin - with partnerships in place with two cities in the USA already and two more launching in summer 2017 - SwiftComply are gathering global momentum as they tackle FOG regulation.
From FOG we are adding further environmental services to our platform to provide a full back kitchen marketplace for food businesses.
Our over all vision is to be the natural 'go to convenient' snack food on the market over the next 3 years, both in Rieland and across Europe.


The Irish Biltong company produces high protein, shelf ready sliced beef snack food, for the on-the-go individuals, which contains a high concentration of healthy nutrients, low in sugar and low in fat. It is made from my own grass fed Irish beef, reared on my farm in Co. Kildare. Our main customer is the sports enthusiast and professional who wants a high protein/low fat product, clean of hi toxicity of additives, easy to consume, high in nutrition, ready to eat and accessible on shelves or on line. It is a preparation free product, taking the work out of food & diet planning.
Whilst there are many protein products on the market my product is a fresh approach to an ever expanding food and nutrition sector and eliminates queries of traceability of ingredients as all the beef is home grown.
Our vision is to become a highly recognised main market competitor in the healthy snack area, by making our consumer aware of the great benefits of this home grown healthy beef snack.
We envision our product to become the preferred healthy snack for grab-and-go retail customers.
We see our product as the best Irish Beef high protein product that via our branding says - quality and taste to our customers.


Popertee is building artificial intelligence that matches the perfect audience with the perfect location, enabling brands to discover and book spaces for their marketing and retail campaigns. Our platform will enable brands to select spaces based on their audience requirements. Brands can select demographic, location and socio-economic details based on their requirements and our platform will present to them spaces based on a "Popscore". This recommendations engine gives a percentage match based on the brand requirements and available spaces. The spaces are taken from 3rd party property websites including estate agents, marketplaces and short-term space providers.
We aim to build a golbal platform that leading marketing agencies and brands will use when seeking physical spaces for retail and marketing campaigns. The location intelligence market is one of the fastest growing markets globally (expected to reach $20billion in 2021) and Popertee wants to specifically address the large part of this market where brands want to intelligently find the best location to locate for their campaign.

SmartTrace is disrupting the waste industry. We want to remove world "WASTE" from dictionary - Waste is just a resource that we are not harvesting because of lack of understanding and ignorance of its value. We want to change perception of waste from nuisance  to valuable feedstock, delivering triple bottom line to manufacturing companies, financial gains, compliance and huge environmental impact. SmartTrace is a new standard delivering circular economy.


Yedup develops ultra-fast mathematical algorithms to power the next generation in AI technology. The vision we are realising is the world's fastest AI; Yedup machines capable of continuous learning in real time from high speed/volume streaming data, such as social media firehose data.
Our first application, SodaBread Live Market Data, analyses up to 6,000 social media messages per second and converts this into a stream of numeric variables that Hedge Funds and High Frequency Algorithmic Traders use to trade more profitably on global equities markets.  SodaBread uses advanced mathematics to detect market sensitive news and events as they break on social media - and streams the results continuously in machine-to-machine format to clients . At its core, our AI technology greatly enhances accuracy by continually learning the meanings of new words, hashtags and memes as they emerge on social media in response to live events.
Our team regroups world-leading experts in ultra-high speed programming (formally with NYSE Euronext) and AI mathematicians to form a leading center of expertise in low-latency AI technology.   At present, firms such as Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters dominate the market for price and volume (historic exchange) data.  Yedup's vision is to complement their services, providing reliable intra-day predictive data based on emerging news and events for the $2 trillion global hedge fund market.

At MEDIMEE we keep having this Dream and it's one we won't let go of!
We dream of a connected world, where life saving information about an individual can be accessed in a matter of seconds in the event of an emergency.
Our vision is to help save lives and enhance health & safety in the workplace, not only here in Ireland but around the world. Knowing your vital emergency medical information can be communicated even if you cannot, through the simple use of technology.
We plan to eradicate barriers that people face when needing to convey essential information in times of need. So members of the public, first responders and the emergency services know exactly, what to do, who to call, and what to tell paramedics if they haven't already arrived on scene.

AID:Tech's vision is to leverage blockchain technology to increase the transparency & efficiency of the delivery of funds, resources & social services. Our market entry point is developing economies then moving to developed economies such as the UK, Ireland and the USA.
There are presently 2.4 billion people world wide without a Digital Identity. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is a list of 30 targets, and target 16.9 states everyone on earth should have a legal identity.
What AID:Tech is doing is marrying to identity and money. $1.1 TRILLION Lost each year from developing Countries Due to Illicit Outflows. AID:Tech has created a platform to combat these problems
Our core offering is a digital identity which enables recipients to receive funds, services and digital assets directly. It enables NGOs and governments to send digital assets to individuals or families in a completely transparent manner so fraud and corruption is significantly reduced. It also allows recipients to build up a financial profile as all transactions are permanently recorded. Our clients include The International Federation of The Red Cross, UNDP, Shanti Life and St. Vincent de Paul. We have been funded by angels and seed capital to date and recently completed the exclusive Techstars Accelerator.


At StudyBundles Limited we sell a software as a service solution to universities, colleges, and schools globally. Our customers have a major problem connecting & communicating with their prospective and current students. This results in high levels of student dropout (as much as 30% for some institutions) and poor levels of student experience/satisfaction (a key barometer in university rankings). Our solution CampusConnect boosts student recruitment rates, reduces student dropout, and improves the student experience by harnessing the potential of richer, more personalised mobile app technologies and predictive analytics. 
With 8 high profile universities secured in Ireland and UK within just 18 months trading, our vision is to position StudyBundles as the leading global provider of personalised mobile and web app services to schools, colleges, and universities globally.


is a pioneering software manufacturer that generates advanced predictive models, based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. GAMCO´s technology allows a quick deployment of Knowledge Systems personalized for each customer and business, in order to solve and optimize their operational and decision-making issues. Our solutions in optimizing management of large hospitals and pharmaceutical supply chain allow us to offer disruptive innovation in health care.