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Energy StartUp Europe Awards is looking for Country Managers, MEPs Ambassadors and Media Partners for 2017 edition

Brussels, 19th June, 2017. The Finnova Foundation, in the framework of the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2017 organised by the European Commission, launches the call for Energy Country Managers, Energy Ambassadors (Members of the European Parliament) and Energy Media Partners for Energy StartUp Europe Awards 2017.

Energy StartUp Europe Awards 2017 is looking for Country Managers, who can organise the energy award at national level in order to recognize the best Energy startup in their respective countries. The call is also open to Energy Media Partners, who could provide visibility and follow the progress of the participants, and for Energy Ambassadors, Members of the European Parliament who could provide institutional support and invite a group of Energy startups to visit EU institutions.

StartUp Europe Awards (SEUA) is an initiative of the European Commission and Finnova Foundation, supported by the President of the European Parliament, the President of the Committee of the Regions, the Vice-President of the Economic and Social Committee and several members from the European Parliament. SEUA is supported by the StartUp Europe Accelerator of the Finnova Foundation.

StartUp Europe Awards presents a prize methodology for startups at local, regional and national level that fosters the open innovation and the collaboration between the different actors of the European ecosystems, through the private-public partnership to support entrepreneurs. “Besides, it creates a network of contacts that will inspire and provided visibility to all the local startups so that, by using this network, they can scale their services and products at a global level”, stated Juanma Revuelta, the Director of Finnova’s Startup Europe Accelerator.

Energy StartUp Europe Awards aims to reward the best initiatives working in projects related to the development of sustainable and efficient energy models, based on renewable energies, as well as the development and technology transfer in the area of renewable energies along with the best governance projects and citizenship participation in the development of renewable energies.

From left to right: Inese Vaidere, Latvian MEP; Caritta Sepa, COO Tespack; Sami Pfaler, Chief of Sales Tespack; Blanca Losada, Chief Technology &Engineering Officer Gas Natural Fenosa, and Juanma Revuelta, general director for Finnova Foundation

The winner for Energy category of the StartUp Europe Award 2016 European Final is Tespack, a Finish startup (based in Valencia, Spain) specialised in mobile energy, in the generation of energy on-the-go. By combining top-notch technology, solar and connectivity, they have created different Smart Wear for different activities. They have developed a new, innovative ultra-fast charging technology (3 times faster than Qualcomm) so it is possible to charge their new power bank full in 12 minutes only (to be launched in 2017).

The others finalists of the Startup Europe Awards 2016 in the Energy Category by countries were: SWIRL (Luxembourg), Jitiv (Poland), Tinja (Croatia), Smart Load Solutions (Estonia), UrbanVolt (Ireland) and Veranu (Italy).

StartUp Europe Awards recognizes the effort of the European startups in five levels (local, county, regional, national and European) in 18 categories for 2017: Creative, Energy, Fintech, Green, e-Health, IoT, Smart Cities, Social, Tourism, Water, Agritech, Legal, Space, Cibersecurity, Climate, Fashion, Edtech and Gastronomy.

SEUA17 offers 4 special recognitions this year: Best Public Administration for startups Award, for recognizing the effort of the public administrations in supporting entrepreneurship and innovation; Best Media Partner, to highlight the Media Partner most committed with the promotion of the initiative and the startups participating in the contest; Best LATAM StartUp and Best Female Entrepreneur.

European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) is a month-long series of activities to build a secure energy future for Europe. It brings together public authorities, private companies, NGOs and consumers to promote initiatives to save energy and move towards renewables for clean, secure and efficient power. Launched in 2006 by the European Commission, the EUSEW is organised by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) in close cooperation with Directorate-General for Energy.


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TRAFFEL is the winner of Estonia in tourism category

Country: Estonia

Category: Tourism

Name: Traffel

Project aim: We help people find cheapest long-haul flights.

What is the problem?

The average time people spent searching for cheap flight deals is almost 30 hours. It can be much easier to set up alerts to their preferred destinations and let Traffel.com do the searching for them. Traffel.com brings long-distance destinations closer to people.

Our solution?

Traffel.com offers their customers a large collection of the cheapest long-haul flight deals. Our team monitors almost one hundred travel websites, forums, blogs and ticketing systems in 20+ languages to compile the database. We do that semi-automatically, crawlers prepare info, but human handpicks the best deals. It´s a “real-time-offer” platform where customers can set alerts for their preferred destinations.

Where are we now?

To validate the idea we at first opened a simple website and started sending our newsletters twice a week to our subscribers, meaning we were selling subscription to a newsletter containing all the cheap long-haul flight offers starting from Europe. We started to see some traction (over 3000 subscribers with freemium and almost 400 paid subscribers) without significant marketing actions.

Traffel.com is our second website now. We have changed our twice-weekly newsletter idea into real-time offering (plus newsletter three times a week).

Traffel.com offers the following subscription plans: 24-hour access for €4.90; a month´s access for €7.90; and a year´s access for €60. We have paying customers from 16 countries in Europe.

What is the competitive advantage? 

All other services on the market do not meet our needs – either they provide too little information or it´s presented poorly. We offer more flight deals compared to other channels. And we can find unique deals from different reservation systems and websites that do not exist anywhere else.

Other companies haven´t yet realized that you can ask money for this kind of information. We ask money from a customer and in return we provide maximum value (we save their money and time). At the same time we also provide some inspiration on where to travel next.

Next steps?

At the moment, our service is for flights originating in Europe, but we are ready to start offering the same service in the North America as we have the tools ready to do that.

It is great to win the Eurovision for Startups in Estonia and get recognized for all the hard work we have done. It gives energy to continue and develop our innovative model.

CEO of Traffel: We are looking at investors that will help us grow. At the moment we are willing to share 20% of equity for investment of 300 000EUR.

KOMILIBRO, winner of SEUA Spain in Creative category

Country: Spain

Category: Creative

Name: Komilibro

Project Aim: Find your next reading according to what you want to feel



What is Komilibro?

Komilibro is a book searcher in mobile application that allows you to find your next reading according to what you want to feel and what your specific literary interests.

Why is Komilibro necessary?
After asking for readers’ opinion, we realised that books were not usually recommended according to the traditional classification of genre (fiction, romantic novel, etc.), rather they were usually recommended for the feelings they triggered on readers: “I was hooked”, “hilarious”, “it’s food for thought”, “it’s a page-turner”.
We then understood that the book industry keeps a traditional classification that is not helpful for readers to find their next reading in wide variety of books.  Therefore, we thought that a modern and different book browser was necessary, one that allows to find readings with a novel and attractive filtering experience.
Besides, Javier Calvo Labat, the leader of the project and one of the co-founders, is a literature teacher at a high school and Komilibro is his personal initiative to encourage reading among students. The main objective is to provide readers, especially the younger ones, with a modern and fresh tool that could give them the opportunity to find their perfect book and to interact with other readers with similar preferences. 


Where are we?

After a year and a half of development and several months in front of the public we are very happy with the welcome that has had the initiative. The mobile version on Android carries more than 10,000 downloads and more than 3,000 active users, is ready in English and soon we will launch in more languages. On the other hand, we successfully completed a € 5500 Crowdfunding initiative that has allowed us to begin the development of Komilibro for IOS-Apple devices. In addition, we have joined the team to Javier Celaya, one of the most relevant literary agents in the Spanish book industry, a true reference and guru of the book industry in Spain and Latin America. In 2016 we received the first prize of 25 projects in the Cultural Industries Summit, program of acceleration of cultural and technological projects celebrated in Valencia.

What does Europe and the Startup Europe Awards mean?

Europe is our natural way of growth since, after starting with the Spanish experience, we have started development in English and want to open ourselves to a more international scenario. Fundamentally, we want to revolutionize the way books are found, searched and thought, and that change, in order to be truly relevant, must be global and plurinational. We must take the world of books to the twenty-first century. For that, Spain is the first step and Europe is the way.

“Komilibro’s search and algorithm system is easily replicable in other languages ​​and markets and an international repercussion program such as the Startup Europe Awards would enable us to successfully carry out this company” Javier Calvo, CEO Komilibro.

MOZELO is the winner of Latvia in Creative category

Country: Latvia

Category: Creative

Name: Modelo

Project Aim:  Let’s anyone in need to create their beautiful online presence in a form of a website, online store or blog with ease and no technical skills required

Which is Mozello Website Builder initiative?

 We believe that in today’s business world it’s essential for a business or a startup to have a website and have a great looking overall online presence and communication. More and more people are taking their shopping from supermarkets or shops to the sofa and the laptop in their homes. They make shopping decisions, browse products and services. It’s essential to be available online in today’s world.

Based on that we arrive to why we created Mozello. It’s due to the fact that it’s common for new or small to medium business to be tight on their budget when it comes to developing their websites or online stores. Also, not everyone has the needed skills to pull it off. So, we created Mozello – the user friendly platform that let’s anyone in need to create their beautiful online presence in a form of a website, online store or blog with ease and no technical skills required.

Which are the goals?

  • make it’s use as easy and understandable as possible for the average computer user
  • keep it affordable for small businesses and even people who are trying to start something great individually from their homes
  • keep the functionality of what you can expect from today’s websites and online stores (integration with Google and other services, mobile support, )
  • make it available to local EU markets by providing language and local domain name support

Why you create it?

We believe we are on the right track with that because more and more businesses across Europe and other regions are choosing Mozello as their go-to platform for their individual or business website or e-commerce solution. And we are happy to be a helping part in their journey.

We believe in seeing, working towards and grabbing opportunities and we believe every European business, individual and startup is working towards their own ideas and opportunities to get, make or be what they envisioned to be. We are happy to help by enabling more and more individuals and businesses discover they opportunities, reach their goals and inspire others and us by doing so. Support and opportunity is what we share with the people and businesses and we would like to say that Europe is with us on that. 


“My team and I, we are very happy to receive this recognition and it comes as a confirmation that the idea of launching a successful global startup in Europe is not only possible but actually working very well both for us and our customers from all EU countries and beyond.”Karl’s Blumentals, Mozello CEO

SMART LOAD SOLUTIONS is the winner of Estonia in Energy category

Country: Estonia

Category: Energy

Name: Smart Load Solutions

Project Aim: connecting electric heaters with energy markets.



Why you started?

Electricity is one of the most expensive and polluting sources for heating. However, this should not be this way as renewables like solar panels and wind turbines produce electricity with 0€/MWh and they produce 0 CO2 emissions in the process. The problem is of course, that the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing all the time.

How you work?

Our team has solved this problem by shifting the time that heaters consume electricity to the time periods when there is a lot of cheap and environmentally friendly electricity in the grid, produced by most efficient power plants.

How does it work?

That is why we have created Themo, which is an intelligent thermostat for electric floor heating. Themo uses SLS optimization software that can shift automatically energy consumption without causing any discomfort for the end client – it keeps the temperature the user has set but is able to save up to 40% from the electricity cost. To provide the service, SLS is using latest technologies like A.I., IoT, Big Data analysis and cloud computing.


Today we have started the pre-sales of the thermostats and are producing the first patch. After floor heating, we aim to change electric radiators, water heaters and heat pumps. This type of new approach has a huge potential to change how we consume electricity and how we could better utilize renewable energy production to benefit us all.

As the CEO of Smart Load Solutions I am pleased to see that our solution has gained both Estonian and international recognition which is always important for small companies to succeed with their technologies.


Beonprice, winner of SEUA Spain in ITC Category

Country: Spain

Category: ITC

Name: Beonprice

Project Aim: Forecast consumer behaviour while recommending optimal rates by room type, market segment and length of stay to maximize profitability


What is Beonprice?

BEONPRICE is a disruptive big data technology company specialized in hospitality revenue management solutions. BEONPRICE is the first RMS (revenue management system) based on Big Data technology which includes quality indicators and guest intelligence as key criteria to forecast consumer behaviour while recommending optimal rates by room type, market segment and length of stay to maximize profitability.

When and where was founded?

Founded in 2013, with offices in Miami, Mexico City, Bogotá, Madrid and Salamanca (HQ).

We serve 1,500 properties across 26 countries with a 95% renewal rate.

Which are the requirements?

There are 3 hotel profiles according to Revenue Management requirements:

For PRO profiled hotels, the PRO service level shows the Revenue Manager important information to make the best decision.

For Advanced profiled hotels, the ADVANCED service level suggests the optimal price so that the Revenue Manager may publish it to the channels.

For Excellence profiled hotels, the PREMIUM service level suggests the optimal price and regenerates itself 24/7, publishing the rates to the channels.

“We are very proud of representing Spain in Startup European Awards in the ICT Category. Startup European Awards is delivering an industry led initiative to help and develop Startup Europe Map” Ruben Sánchez, CEO BEONPRICE.


Other Awards

Founder Institute, IBM SmartCamp, Emprendedor Siglo XXI La Caixa, Mejor empresa joven de Castilla y León, WELCOME EU Project, Spain Tech Center, Premio a la Mejor Iniciativa Digital.

ECOCHE is the winner of Spain in green category

Country: Spain

Category: Green

Name: Ecoche

Project Aim: Change the power that moves our society,



Why did you create?

We believe in sustainable development and that innovation can be anywhere, because this is wherever this innovator. With this purpose and with the philosophy of reuse not to generate waste, it has developed a methodology to carry out the transformation of any combustion vehicle into electricity.

What is Ecoches about?

In addition we are creating the largest network of workshops with capacity to transform and give assistance to electric vehicles of Spain, promoting the economy distributed in the automotive sector. At Ecoche we transform diesel or petrol vehicles into 100% electric vehicles, reducing consumption costs by 80%, 100 km costing around € 1.5, and maintenance costs by 50%. On the other hand, the most economical and sustainable car is the one that is reused, eliminating treatment costs as waste at the end of its useful life and reducing GHG emissions by 90% compared to a new electric vehicle.In recent months we are putting the finishing touches to our prototypes, an all-terrain pickup and a commercial van, both ready for commercialization by the start of 2017.

Who supports you?

Thanks to the support of Finnova, with whom we have been accelerating since winning the prize to participate in the national final of the Start Up Europe Awards, we are opening our company to projects and consortiums at European level.We are an example of an accelerated project through a methodology of public-private partnership and open innovation. ECOCHE has been able to turn its idea into an environmental pilot project demonstrating a LIFE project led by the City of Seville through the public cleaning company (LIPASAM). With this methodology, the consortium opts for a European funding of € 2 million in the LIFE 2017 call and, if approved, ECOCHE will be able to work, together with other technological partners, on the pilot tests for the transformation of the LIPASAM fleet of combustion vehicles into Electric vehicles and demonstrate its low-cost solution for 3 years; And thanks to the validation of LIPASAM, you can more easily opt for public fleet contracts.


AWARDSZinc Shower 2016

“Winning the national end of the SEUA in the category of green economy has meant great visibility at the average level, and perhaps most importantly, it has given force to the whole team of Ecoche to advance in our idea to make accessible the sustainable mobility to Everything the world “. Mario Fernández, CEO and Co-founder ECOCHE.

NAS is the winner of SEUA Estonia in green category

Country: Estonia

Category: Green

Name: NAS

Project Aim: Reduce tedious manual work and automate metering

What is NAS?

Nordic Automation Systems is solving Telematics for Utilities and Telcos.

Why it is created?

It is created to reduce tedious manual work and automate metering while reducing cost of meter reading.
Our automated meter reading solutions help to reduce and optimise consumption of scarce earth resources like water and energy. 
How is the company going?
We are currently in the state of ramping up our production and expanding our sales to Europe, South America and Austarlasia. 
Recognition as a Startup Europe Award winner would be hugely important to us in getting more widely recognised as a respected telematics technology provider for the greener world. 


SENSE is the winner of Poland in smart city category

Country: Poland

Category: Smart Cities

Name: Sense

Project Aim:  Increases safety of the building and reduces maintenance costs for facility maintenance






What is Sense?

Sense company provides the next generation system for facility maintenance of commercial buildings such as shopping centres, logistic warehouses, exhibitions etc. Sense S-One system increases safety of the building and reduces maintenance costs. The sensor network installed under the roof oversees the current structure safeness. In case of any roof loads caused by rainwater, hail or snow the caution notice will be send to the Facility Manager via an e-mail or sms. As a result, the snow removal actions are reduced up to zero and savings raises into M$ early. In other case Sense system can detect water leaks on the roof.


Why do you created it?

Most of collapsed buildings have revealed human mistakes during exploitations. At the moment no buildings are equipped with a system which gives the informations about their structural condition. As a professionals in structural, survey and IT technology we have built the most efficient monitoring system using simple tools. But our patented methodology of the measurement is unique in the world!

Nowadays all works on the roof are manual: snow measurements, snow removal, leak detection. Handwork sampling gives no reliable results, so the automation is needed. Sense system gives the tool to automatic snow load measurement and leak detection too. Facility Manager will plan and execute the intervention based on our system indications.

At what point you are?

Our system is working for IKEA in Warsaw, and we are going to extend it to all IKEA shops in Poland. Right now we have already finalized the second generation of our sensors and keep working on contracts with industrial space developers in CEE. Our main goal for 2017 is to build a successful sales team and close first deals in EU.


“Being the finalist in Smart City category means a lot to us. We go for global business and this is the best direction I guess. Being in Brussell open the cooperation with EU partners and resellers – we are sure that European final put us in a spotlight for a while and we will take that opportunity for sure”

Ekuore is the winner of SEUA Spain in Health category

Country: Spain

Category: Health

Name: EKuore

Project Aim: Allow a second opinion or tracking medical treatment



What is EKuore pro?
EKuore pro is the first Smart wireless stethoscope capable to connect to mobile devices, through WIFI technology, it is able to amplify the sound of heart and lungs by 20.Among the main advantages of this device highlights thepossibility of recording, visualizing and sharing the auscultation, in a simple and quick way, allowing a second opinion or tracking medical treatment. On the other hand, eKuore Pro allows for once quick and simple auscultation, where medical professionals don ́t have to connect to a smartphone, operating as a traditional stethoscope.

What is Ekuore purpose?Ekuore ́s purpose is to continue developing mHealth devices that revolutionize the sanitary teleassistance field, which allow of the patient to be controlled and monitored in quick and easy way and a low cost.

Other future project of eKuore is to develop a Negative Pre-Diagnosis Platform, which will allow to help health professionals to detect when the patient has a cardiac anomalies.

 For whom is intended?

Mainly for doctors of primary care, nurses, paediatricians or pulmonologist, because it enables them to offer a more accurate diagnosis at lower costs.

To primary care ́s doctors, (as they are the first filter in the health system), this device allows them to reduce the level of uncertainty in the diagnosis, given that they can share auscultation ́s sound fast with a specialist and they can offer a solution more effective and faster.

On the other hand, nurses are who collect the physiological parameters and are responsible for home care; therefore through ekuore stethoscope nurses can visualize the auscultation and offer a better diagnosis.

For cardiologist, although have tools much more sophisticated, thanks to this technology they could select only select cases (derivate of primary care), which they need to pay more attention. This allows them to remove unnecessary Follow up appointment and to improve the efficiency of the sanitary system.

Which is the company evolution?

Since the beginning in 2012, eKuore has obtained several acknowledgments from diverse institutions and programs, winning the Spin Off competition of Malaga University in 2012, the entrepreneurship program Minerva (2013), the “Lanzadera” program” 1st edition (2014), project of private capital for Juan Roig owner of Mercadona and in 2015, The SME Instrument Phase 1 – HORIZON 2020, that selected eKuore such a once of the winners in the “Clinical research for the validation of biomarkers and/or diagnostic medical devices”, by means of the European Commission finances the most promising projects of research and innovation.

In addition eKuore was winner in 2015 of the National Young entrepreneurship that the Youth National College of Spain (INJUVE) attached to the Spanish Health ́s Ministry.

At the same time, from 2015 eKuore has received the support of the Foundation for the Promotion of Health and Biomedical Research of Valencia Region, FISABIO, through a scientific consulting for the development and test of its products.


‘We are a technologic company that designs, develops and markets medical devices (mhealth), that connects health to new mobile technologies.’ CEO eKuore