Weteq is the Luxemburg winner for the Water category

Country: Luxembourg

Category: Water

Project Aim: Fresh water consumption is steadily increasing and water scarcity effects more and more regions globally. Moreover, wastewater generated by industries presents a major global environmental concern. There is, therefore, a severe and growing demand for improved and more efficient wastewater treatment technologies.

What does Weteq do?

Weteq was created to help industries that use large volumes of fresh water to use it more efficiently. Weteq provides customized chemical-based solutions that help these industries to re-use wastewater in the industrial process, to comply with regulations by removing the contaminants, to increase the capacity of the wastewater installation, to increase environmental sustainability and to save costs.

Why problems do Weteq solve?

The most common challenge of the industries is the compliance to continuously tightening water-related regulations and the desire to achieve self-initiated sustainability goals such as water preservation. Another challenge that we often observe is capacity constraints which can be mitigated by the optimization of the wastewater treatment process. Weteq’s tailor-made solutions help to overcome these challenges by the efficient removal of contaminants such as organic waste, color and heavy metals from waste water.

What did Weteq accomplished?

Weteq creates tailor-made solutions for customers with the best available technologies in the market. In addition, Weteq has developed proprietary solutions, which are patent-protected. In fact, Weteq is an R&D focused company and our goal is to underpin innovations and novel developments with IP. We believe that a strong portfolio of patents is key to our long-term success. We are currently reaching out to prospects and are seeking opportunities to apply our proprietary solutions to important industry challenges.

What does Europe represent for the company?

Europe is seen as the place where the industry applies innovative and high-quality products that help to use water in a sustainable way. As Europe is highly industrialized and developed, the success of Weteq in Europe can be extended to other regions. Value-generating projects are the key focus of our actions and we see Europe as our primary market for starters. So far, our prospective clients are in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, UK and Germany. We are also looking forward to expanding our coverage to other European countries and internationally in a focused manner.

CEO’s testimony

Winning this award proves that Weteq is on the right track as the European market is a very challenging market. Achieving this recognition will be an enabler for our marketing initiatives and our valued customers. It emphasizes that WETEQ seeks to make a humble but meaningful contribution towards a more sustainable world, with specific reference to water preservation.

Solumbro is th greek winner of the Tourism category

Country: Greece

Category: Tourism

Project Aim: Solumbro offers the first smart parasol in the market. It is a smart device that fits on and converts parasols into Internet-of-Things devices. Solumbro smart parasols add comfort, safety, and connectivity, improving the guests’ outdoors leisure experience. The use of a Solumbro is non-obtrusive through a wristband, and powerful through a mobile app.

What is the problem to solve?

Remote areas, such as the beach, are fun and we like to spend a lot of time there—but they come with restrictions: we can’t charge our phone, keep safe our valuables, or protect our skin from the sun. We created Solumbro to bring more comfort to the beach and the pool. We believe Solumbro is ideal for (coastal) resorts, hotels, and entertainment areas like beach bars and cafe, where it can add to the unique experience that these venues offer.

What is Solumbro?

We are a team of six passionate people of diverse backgrounds, from business to software, electrical, mechanical engineering, and machine learning. We have our first version of our product ready and we are collecting sales before starting production.

How did Solumbro started?

Solumbro has been a European company from the beginning. We started brainstorming about the idea with friends from the Netherlands, we shaped our ideas further through an intensive startup boot camp with experts from all around Europe held in the Netherlands, and we started in Greece because of its developed tourism industry and the relatively lower living costs, which help bootstrapping a company.

What is Solumbro’s plan for the future?

We are trying to bring in the best of all Europe’s worlds: expertize, geographical strategy, and innovation. If Solumbro succeeds, we strongly believe that it will also be a stepping stone for Europe, for cross-border collaboration, innovation, trade, and for new jobs at geographical locations that need them the most.

CEO’s testimony

Tourism is one of the most developed industries in Greece, so representing Greece in Tourism, is big for us! We feel proud for this recognition and that we need to keep doing our best to live up to the expectations. This recognition is also a good sign that innovation and manufacturing are important for Greece, and for Europe. We believe that we do need them to keep up with the international landscape. We hope our recognition will also inspire others in Europe to follow.

Openichnos is the greek winner for the IoT category

Country: Greece

Category: IoT

Project Aim: Openichnos is an energy autonomous global tracking and IoT gateway, aiming at the realisation of the Connected Yacht.

Our initiative

Openichnos uses cutting-edge technology to provide a complete monitoring solution for yacht industry globally. Through Openichnos, the asset owner monitors the environment of the asset combined with sensors’ data from a yacht.

The Problem Openichnos want to solve

The fleet management market is rapidly growing with a significant increase in maintenance cost, fuel consumption and regulations. Yacht charter industry faces severe limitations in fleet management as the majority uses tracking systems that need a power source and are limited to GSM coverage areas. Thus, neither they have continuous transmission of their trace due to lack of power supply nor they cover any possible area their assets may be

The Solutions Openichnos propose


  1. a) Provides an efficient and affordable global tracking monitoring solution with the use of hybrid communication for transmitting its data, combining Satellite and GSM networks with seamless automatic switching from one to another, ensuring the 100% global coverage.
  2. b) Realizes the Connected Yacht approach by introducing the definition of geofencing areas and the adoption of group of sensors receiving real-time data about fleet’s battery and fuel levels, the environmental conditions and possible collisions.
  3. c) Impacts positively to the environment by introducing smart and eco-friendly tracking solutions with 100% energy autonomy.
  4. d) Enables comprehensive support to its users in the form of alerting, early warning, monitoring and emergency management.

Current status

The objectives of Openichnos are to facilitate the materialisation of Openichnos concept into product enabling the creation of a scalable business model with sustainable impact on the environment and society, the fostering of an ever-growing network of sustainability-minded people and companies with deep connections into markets, technologies, and funding.

We want to contribute passionately to social and economic efforts in Greece and moreover to Europe, in order to create thriving economic, employment, and social conditions.


MaxWhere is the hungarian winner of the IoT category

Country: Hungary

Category: IoT

Project Aim: The MaxWhere Engine and Ecosystem incorporates several new technologies. Our patent pending Cognitive Navigation (CogiNav) technology allows users to navigate 3D spaces seamlessly, using nothing more than a laptop and a regular mouse.



What is MaxWhere ?

MaxWhere is a platform for the management of all forms of digital content in 3D spaces. In creating MaxWhere, we are motivated by the belief that in much the same way that character-based interfaces (e.g., DOS) were replaced in the late 1990s by windowing systems (e.g., Windows), so the widespread use of 2D windows should soon be superseded by 3D spatial content.

How does it work?

Our core product is the MaxWhere Engine, which, though in many ways similar to today’s highly successful graphical engines (e.g., Unity, Unreal), is also very much unlike these, because it was optimized for applications not in gaming, but in everyday digital life and in professional industry – including IoT applications. Based on the MaxWhere Engine, we are developing a complete ecosystem for applications in productivity, education, and industry. Third-party developers can also license our engine to create their own white label products.

What are does Maxwhere provides you?

Maxwhere helps you to be always on top of your projects with his fast and innovative interfaces. It gives you the chance to switch between projects & teams and share your content in the fastest way possible. It also connects you to other collaboration apps already very used (teamwork, trello, slack, asana … and more). It’s easy to learn and the 3D graphic make your work more interesting, without slowing it down. It also can be used by students to improve the velocity of their studies.

What did Maxwhere accomplished?

Our Browser23 technology represents a new philosophy towards web surfing: instead of forcing users to place a limited number of tabs side by side, limiting their options in switching between them and finding the right ones at the right time, it allows browser windows to be laid out in 3D space, grouped by topic and scaled in size by importance. More recently, we developed the Ultra Sharing technology, which enables users to create VR offices containing a large number of documents and even complete project workflows, and to then share those offices with a single click. Research shows that all of these solutions combined make for a hugely effective way to visualize, share and work on large amounts of information while maintaining a low cognitive workload – a huge asset for understanding, configuring and managing large-scale networked digital ecosystems.


What is the Maxwhere’s history?

The year 2017 saw the first public release of MaxWhere as a presentation tool with 3D slides in interactive spaces. This solution is a blend between PowerPoint and Prezi, extended with 3D objects. MaxWhere’s application store was also opened in 2017 (www.maxwhere.com) with a number of publicly available spaces and interactive 3D applications. From a technological standpoint, MaxWhere guarantees an accelerating growth in 3rd party applications through its unique way of combining 3D spaces with web technologies; thus the rich world of open source software (such as Node.js, NPM, and Node-RED) can be channeled into MaxWhere applications.


Loceye is the greek winner for the creative category


Country: Greece

Category: Creative

Project Aim: Loceye started with the idea of democratizing Eye tracking analysis and give the opportunity to User Experience Designers and Marketeers to study their users-customers and see from their eyes.

How does eye tracking works?

So far the eye tracking was made with external hardware and in lab environment and by that Eye tracking studies were limited in scaling because you can’t bring 100 people with the proper demographics for your survey in one day in a lab. But that changes radically with a SaaS platform for Eye tracking analysis with the only requirement of a single web camera, embedded or not.

Benefits of Loceye

With Loceye:

  1. a) You can run experiments with an unlimited number of remote users. No limits to test size. You can run your tests with as many participants as you like. A larger number of participants translates to much more reliable insights.
  2. b) You can test much faster. You can have thousands of testers take part in an eye-tracking analysis in parallel and have your results collected, analysed and presented instantly.
  3. c) There is no equipment to purchase and maintain. Run as many experiments you need, when you need them. Eye-tracking with reliability and speed at a fraction of the cost.

Change the experience

With those kind of surveys our main goal is to help UX designers and researchers get proper insights about what the users are seeing in their web services, and by that create a more human-centred experience for them.

Other usages for eye tracking

Eye tracking is a powerful technology and can give as early predictions for Dyslexia and ADHD with only watching how the eyes of the tester are moving. So beside our commercial use, we want to have a deep impact with Loceye and help our world and Europe by providing a tool for an early diagnose of dyslexia and ADHD.

Kard is the greek winner of the Fintech category


Country: Greece

Category Fintech

Project aim: Kard was founded in January 2017 to help consumers save hundreds of money per year from their cards rewards offers to their online purchases around the world.

Which problem do you want to solve?

The problem is that a very large number of bank cardholders are not aware of the offers of points, miles and cash back from their debit/credit/prepaid cards while making purchases in online stores resulting in losing an annual based on a lot of money. Kard comes to solve this problem in the best way because registered users of the application do not need to give any personal details of their debit/credit/prepaid cards.

How does it work?

The app of Kard selects only the type of card through the application (e.g. VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners) and displays all the rewards deals offered by the cards issuers with the ability to buy in real-time. Making users know how many points, miles or cash they will earn if they make a direct purchase at that time. Kard is also an open search engine tool and our visitors can buy in-real time rewards deals from bank cards and merchants cards worldwide without register. Visitors and registered users aare going to save time and money.

What is the Kard’s future?

For Kard its very important the qualification in final of the biggest competition of startups in europe so early since the Kard creation.  The success of Kard came from hard work, passion and dedication to our idea.

itondo is the Luxembourg winner of the Creative category

Country: Luxembourg

Category: Creative

Project aim: itondo is an augmented reality-powered mobile iOS app for previewing art to scale on art buyers’ walls, either live as they walk around their room, or any time using saved wall photos. Art professionals upload their work to itondo. Art lovers download the app, find a piece they like, visualise it, and contact the art professional direct to purchase.

Why we created itondo?

We created itondo to solve a common problem for any art buyer worldwide: they fall in love with a painting in a gallery or online but cannot imagine what this piece will look like on their wall. Is it the right size? Do the colours match the room? itondo’s accurate augmented reality visualisation gives the buyer that certainty, and it gives the gallery a powerful sales tool to ease the buying decision whilst also providing them with global reach.

At what point we are?

Itondo was soft-launched in mid-2015. As of January 2018, the itondo app has been downloaded by art lovers in 61 countries. 31 galleries and professional independent artists (called itondo Partners) have uploaded their works to itondo with the number of new Partner enquiries steadily increasing. Our competitor research shows that itondo is the art market leader due to its augmented reality technology, user experience (UX), stability, functionalities, and design. No other mobile visualisation app can offer art sellers and buyers the same level of power and flexibility. One reason is that as experienced gallerists, we understand the art market from the buy and sell sides. Itondo’s technology can also be easily applied to museum collections. It’ll give museums a powerful way to offer an authentic viewing experience to people who are unable to visit in person or to enhance art taught in schools. We know this because we have been in discussions with a major museum in a European capital. And looking beyond the art market, the itondo app is positioned to quickly move into the interior decor sector (e.g. tiles, carpets, curtains).

What it means for us being in the StartUp Europe Awards?

We are very proud to represent Luxembourg in the Creative category. Luxembourg is one of the founding members of the EU (via the ECSC and EEC) and a country that lives the EU idea of opportunities and diversity through peaceful cooperation and support. The itondo app strives to do the same for art professionals and art lovers – bringing them together through cutting edge technology, thus supporting them in their respective aims (here selling art, there buying art) so that each can thrive. Like the StartUp Europe Awards for the participating businesses, and EU 28 for its citizens, itondo’s innovation ensures we will have the best into the future.

Investify is the Luxembourg winner of the fintech category

Country: Luxembourg

Category: Fintech

Project aim: Investify is the first asset manager that combines a fully digital service with an individual approach.


What is investify?

The company is based in Luxembourg and Aachen. It has obtained a license for financial portfolio management and it is overseen across Europe by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF Luxemburg). Based on an innovative in-house asset management platform, investify can offer individualised asset management to a large number of clients. This puts investify in a unique position to cooperate with banks, insurers and corporate clients. investify’s digital asset management proposition gives clients access to investments.

What benefits investify provides?

  • Score with individuality and daily advisory by professionals
  • Incorporate individual ideas and values
  • Come with a sophisticated risk concept that clearly understands which risks are tolerable
  • Act independently of individual product providers
  • Always give clients secure access to their own assets.

CEO’s testimony

Digital Services have no borders. Our pan-european approach has the goal to offer the best possible solution for digital investing“- Sebastian Hasenack, Managing Director of Investify

The Infashion App s the greek winner of the Fashion category

Country: Greece

Category: Fashion

Project aim: The fashion industry has not yet found a single engaging place in the digital world. Ecommerce is steadily growing, still is heavily fragmented, while a lot of people are feeling left out. Infashion is addressing all those issues and brings all interested parties under one roof.

How did Infashion started?

Four friends and seasoned professionals came together in 2016 to disrupt the fashion industry. Based in London and Greece, a UX designer, a Backend, an iOS and an Android developer channel their years of experience into business & innovation. Being friends before partners, we are celebrating our passion for smooth, engaging experiences and obsession for perfection. Our mission is to make fashion accessible for everyone, everywhere and empower our Users and Brands.

What is The Infashion App?

We are bringing fashion Brands, Branded content, Organic content, Enthusiasts, Aficionados, Models, Bloggers and everyone in between, all under one roof. The girl-next-door, the fashionista, the wanna-be model, the fashion professionals, the Brands. A digital platform dedicated to fashion is what the fashion world is lacking at the moment. Infashion is an application for iOS and Android mobile phones which is bringing everyone interested in fashion under one roof. It serves sponsored and curated content and products from Brands. It allows Users to rate products and content while protecting the Brands. It serves sponsored content from Users. It is a platform for Users to post organic content. It allows Users to buy fashion items.

What is Infashion’s future?

Europe is a huge market, a leader in fashion design and we would like to be part of this exciting scene. Every recognition we are receiving keeps our creative fire strong, inspiring us to push even harder and excel. We are at a point where we tighten up our features, improving the product based on feedback and prepare for our wide market release effort.

E9 Innovation LTD is the cypriot winner of the Edtech category

Country: Cyprus

Category: Edtech

Project aim: E9 Innovation builds high-quality, data-proven educational resources for kids that need it the most.  Over half of world’s population and 70% of illiteracy is located in the 9 biggest countries, collectively known as E9 countries.  According to UNESCO, parents in these countries spend up to 25% of available financial resources on supplementary education material in an attempt to help their kids have better lives.  Sadly, these resources are often poor quality and unreliable.

At E9 Innovation we build highly-accessible Android mobile applications optimised using machine-learning and comprehensive analytics to help kids master basic skills, at a global scale.  We’re proud to have just launched our first beta for students in Punjab, Pakistan preparing for provincial exams.  From here we will continue to iterate and release 15 more applications — focused both on basic skills and exam preparation — while improving our unique algorithms that help kids learn faster and more reliably.

What does E9 do?

E9 Innovation builds data-proven, mobile learning resources to kids that need it the most.

Why was E9 created? There is a global need for high-quality learning materials with proven results.  According to UNESCO Parents in emerging economies spend up to 25% of their financial resources on supplementary educational resources including tutors and extra schooling most of which has poor results.  By contrast the educational mobile applications built by E9 Innovation are data-driven and optimised using machine learning to help kids learn basic skills reliably and quickly. Parents in many emerging, high growth countries (E9 countries) do not have access to affordable, high-quality and affordable learning materials with proven results to help their kids learn basic skills.

What is the E9’s future?

We are launching our first application this month in cooperation with the government of Punjab, Pakistan to help kids prepare for provincial exams.  From here we will continue to improve the first series of mobile applications and scale up to bigger launches.We help Europe lead in the global educational space which has been identified as a strategic priority for Europe.

This recognition of course means a lot to our team that has worked hard on launching our first series of beta mobile applications.  This recognition also raises awareness of the unique opportunity to use technology and in particular mobile technology to address the global education challenge of our generation.