ABOUT US - "The Eurovision for Startups"

StartUp Europe Awards 2016 have been promoted by the European Commission, Committee of the Regions, several members of the European Parliament and it is implemented by Finnova in collaboration with StartUp Europe.

The goal of the SEUA is to identify local role models in each ecosystem of startups across Europe. The local entrepreneurs will become inspirational examples for the new generations that will have a positive impact on changing the entrepreneurship culture in Europe. All the same, the identified local successful entrepreneurs will be very useful for local authorities to define tailored programmes to invigorate their local ecosystems. Moreover, the winners might become gateways for external investors to be active in their local ecosystems. All in all, SEUA is a extremely useful tool to build the European ecosystem connecting local ecosystems across Europe: “The Eurovision for Startups”. 

There are five geographical levels (Local, County, Regional, National and European). It means that if there is a city/local award, the winners of this award will automatically go to the Short list of nominees for the province/county level. All the same, the winners of the county level will automatically be part of the short list of nominees to the regional award and the regional winners will become the nominees for the European award.

The awarded entrepreneurs will receive a winners’ package consisting of:

  • Granted access to the Awards Ceremony to be held in the facilities of the European Commission.
  • Mentoring programme in Brussels (about European funds, training, visibility, lobbying, etc.) to develop their project making it more viable at European level.
  • A pitch elevator video for each of the awarded startups recorded by Finnova.

Concerning the visibility of the entrepreneurs, SEUA will also create a blog in which news will be published and in which the startups will have the possibility of news and events related to their activities, as ICTs, energy, startups, events, calendars, etc.